MPs’ staff

We set model employment contracts between MPs and their staff, to ensure they reflect good employment practice and have in place adequate protections.

We may occasionally conduct reviews of clauses within these contracts. If any changes are proposed, we seek the views of those who would be affected.

You can read our consultations by following the links below.

This consultation covers our proposal for new arrangements that would provide automatic salary increases for MPs’ staff members, with an opt-out provided to MPs.

Background information, proposals and specific consultation questions are in the consultation.

The Bullying and Harassment of MPs’ Parliamentary Staff Independent Inquiry Report was laid before Parliament by Gemma White QC on 11 July.

The report made several recommendations to address the findings that some MPs’ staff were subject to an unacceptable risk of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment at work.

We welcome Gemma White QC’s report. We are carefully considering all the recommendations. We take good employment practice and wellbeing in the workplace very seriously and we condemn bullying and harassment. One of the recommendations in the White report was that we should consider amending the wording of the confidentiality clause in staff employment contracts to make it clear that the clause does not prevent employees from raising a complaint or bringing a claim of bullying and harassment against the MP or others. We have taken legal advice that confirms the current clause in the contract used to employ MPs’ staff does not prevent employees from bringing a claim of bullying and harassment. However, we consider that the wording of the relevant clause could be made clearer. In particular, the wording could deal explicitly with potential complaints and claims against an MP as the employer. The results of the consultation suggest consultees are in favour of implementing the change to the contract of both current and new members of staff. For more information regarding the consultation please read our consultation report.

The consultation ran from 9 September to 15 October 2019.