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MPs' Business Costs and Expenses

IPSA pays the costs necessary for MPs to perform their parliamentary functions. It is also the only official source of public information on MPs’ business costs and expenses.

The rules governing what MPs can claim are contained within the Scheme of MPs' Business Costs and Expenses ('the Scheme').

Individual Claims

Every two months IPSA publishes individual claims made by MPs. We publish these four to five months in arrears. You can find our publication timetable and further information about the budgets below.

You can search for the costs of any MP using the ‘Interactive Map’ or ‘Your MP’ links.

All claims made in a financial year can also be seen by selecting the financial year and ‘Individual claims’ in the dropdown box.

Annual total costs

Each year we publish annual information on the total amount spent by each MP for each of their budgets for the previous financial year.

You can also view the data for total amount spent by all MPs on the Annual Publication page. This is what is published in each downloadable spreadsheet:

  • Total spend – the total amount spent by each MP for each of their budgets; accommodation, office costs, staffing, travel and other costs.
  • Other data – staff roles in each MP's office, connected parties, MPs' salaries, loan information and contingency payments.

Figures used are correct at the time of publication. Amendments and updates are made periodically, usually at the time of annual publication in November.

Budgets for 2018-19


Budget heading


Annual budget

Accommodation costs (for MPs claiming for rental payments)

Renting in the London Area


Non-London Area


Accommodation costs – associated costs only (for MPs who own their own homes)



Office costs

London Area


Non-London Area


Staffing costs

London Area


Non-London Area


Winding-up costs

London Area


Non-London Area


Start-up supplement



London Area Living Payment (LALP)

For eligible MPs on a monthly basis


Additional London Area Living Payment

For eligible MPs on a monthly basis


Accommodation costs - uplift for MPs with dependants (for MPs claiming for rent). Maximum of 3 uplifts allowed.

Per eligible dependant per year


Please refer to the rules under the Scheme for full details about the budget and eligibility criteria.

The funds available to MPs are broken down into separate budgets:

  • The staffing budget is largely made up of payroll costs, which are paid directly to the staff MPs employ to assist them in carrying out their duties in Westminster and the constituency. The budget covers all payroll costs (salaries, employers' national insurance contributions and pension contributions). It also covers pooled staffing services and expenses for volunteers. Staffing costs account for approximately three quarters of the total spend by an MP on average.
  • The office costs budget allows MPs to buy everything they need to run their office and constituency surgeries – this includes costs such as rent, business rates, equipment and stationery.
  • The travel and subsistence budget covers travel between the constituency and Westminster, travel within the constituency and elsewhere on parliamentary business. It also covers some limited hotel costs for MPs and their staff.
  • The accommodation budget covers the cost of overnight accommodation in either London or the constituency. This can cover hotels, a rented property or utility bills etc on a property the MP owns. MPs who represent a constituency in the London Area are not entitled to claim from this budget.
  • The start-up budget is provided to MPs in their first year of office, covering the costs incurred in starting up an office, such as buying office furniture.
  • The winding-up budget covers all costs incurred in the two months after someone ceases to be an MP, to help them wind up their office e.g. payroll costs, removing furniture.
  • There are also additional one off costs paid from the miscellaneous budget. This covers other parliamentary costs which are not covered by other parts of the rules but which have been approved by IPSA. It also covers any residential accommodation costs incurred in the two months after an MP has left Parliament.

Publication of MPs' claims

We publish these costs every two months, three months in arrears: 

Publication date

Covers claims processed during

2nd Thursday of January

August and September

2nd Thursday of March

October and November

2nd Thursday of May

December and January

2nd Thursday of July

February and March

2nd Thursday of September

April and May

2nd Thursday of November

June and July

Staffing costs and a variety of other information are published annually. The 2017-18 annual data will be published in November 2018.

Other published data

At the end of each financial year we publish annual data on MPs' expenditure, including data on security and disability costs.

MPs' Pay

The annual basic salary for all MPs is currently £77,379 (as of 1 April 2018).