MPs’ pay & pensions

We are responsible for setting and administering MPs’ pay and pensions, independently of both parliament and government.

You can find details of the annual basic salary paid to all MPs since we launched below.

You can also find information on additional salaries paid to MPs who chair Select Committees, and details of the MPs’ pension scheme.

Annual changes in MPs’ pay are linked to changes in average earnings in the public sector using Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures.

​Date​Annual salary
April 2024£91,346
April 2023£86,584
April 2022£84,144
April 2021£81,932
April 2020£81,932
April 2019£79,468
April 2018£77,379
​April 2017£76,011
​May 2016​£74,962
​April 2015​£74,000
​April 2014​£67,060
April 2013​£66,396
April 2012£65,738
April 2011​£65,738
April 2010£65,738

Between 2012 to 2015, we conducted a comprehensive review of MPs’ pay and pensions. 

Read more about our reviews of MPs’ pay and pensions.

MPs who chair Select Committees, or who are members of the Panel of Chairs, are entitled to an additional salary. Since 2013, IPSA has had responsibility for determining these additional salaries.

Between March and May 2016, we conducted a consultation on these additional salaries. Read more about the outcome of the consultation.

Additional salaries of Select Committee chairs

April 2024£18,309
April 2023£17,354
April 2022£16,865
April 2021£16,422
April 2020£16,422
April 2019£15,928
April 2018£15,509
June 2017£15,235
April 2016£15,025
April 2015£15,025
April 2014£14,879
April 2013£14,728

Additional salaries of members of the Panel of Chairs

Year Length of service: < 1 yearLength of service: 1-3 yearsLength of service: 3-5 yearsLength of service: > 5 years
April 2022£16,865
April 2021£16,422
April 2020£16,422
April 2019£15,928
April 2018£15,509
April 2017£15,235
June 2016£15,025
April 2015£3,000£8,415£11,419£15,025
April 2014£2,970£8,331£11,305£14,879
April 2013£2,940£8,248£11,193£14,728

On 30 March 2023, we published a revised MPs’ pension scheme following a consultation.

For more information, download the MPs' pension scheme.

Read more about the MPs’ Pension Scheme and the Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund, and in particular what our changes in response to McCloud might mean for you.

MPs with additional responsibilities (such as Government Ministers, or the Speaker of the House of Commons) may receive supplementary entitlements due to those roles. These additional entitlements are administered separately by other bodies.

Further information on these can be found on Parliament's website.

We are responsible for the European Parliamentary (United Kingdom Representatives) Pension Scheme, which closed to new entrants in 2009.

Our role is to review and amend the pension scheme rules where appropriate, and to appoint scheme managers. The scheme is administered by MyCSP and pension payments are made by XPS. If you are a deferred or pensioner member of the scheme and require information, please phone the MyCSP Contact Centre on 0300 123 6666, or on +44 1903 835902 from outside the UK, and ask to be transferred to the Specialist Processing Unit.

The Contact Centre is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30-18:00, and on Wednesdays from 09:00-18:00.

Alternatively, you can email any queries to

For further information, visit the European Parliament (United Kingdom Representatives) Pension Scheme.