IPSA provisions for parental leave

Date published: 29 June 2021

IPSA is committed to supporting a more family-friendly Parliament and enabling MPs to fulfil their parliamentary duties while maintaining their family life.

IPSA has increased the funding available from £50,000 per year to £60,000 per year, pro-rata, and made available a new job description for MPs to employ an additional senior member of staff.

The new parental leave provisions allow for a staff member to support the MPs’ constituents and fulfil all possible duties during the absence of the MP.

Neither we nor Parliament recognise the term ‘locum MP’. Constitutionally no one can take on the full roles and responsibilities of a Member of Parliament, who is an officeholder elected by the general public.

Elected MPs are able to attend the Chamber, engage in debates, ask oral questions of Ministers and vote in Parliament. It is up to Parliament to decide if the law should be changed so that an unelected person can undertake these duties when an MP can’t be there.

As an officeholder, any MP will continue to receive their full salary throughout their period of absence.