Gender and pay for MPs' staff


I would like to put in an FOI request for the following information please for gender and pay for Member's staff. I'm looking for an update on this FOI: CAS-26942.

Could I have the most recent year date available please? As per the previous FOI, could you also split this down by: The political party of the MP; The gender of the MP (and the political party of the MP); Employee job title (and the political party of the MP); Weekly hours worked, or an indication of whether the employee is part-time or full-time (and the political party of the MP); The ethnic origin of the employee (and the political party of the MP); Whether the employee self-identifies as disabled (and the political party of the MP); The length of service the employee has worked (and the political party of the MP) Whether the member of staff is a 'connected' employee or not – in relation to the MP.


I can confirm that we hold information relevant to your request.

Please find accompanying this document a spreadsheet entitled RFI-202003-6 FOI Response.

It follows a similar format to the response to which you referred in your request.

Please note that we do not hold information on ethnicity or disability as MPs staff are not employed by IPSA, but directly by the MP.

Since the previous request, IPSA now has a code which represents Job Title and which translates into Job Role, relating to MPs’ staff pay ranges. I have included both and refer you to Annex  B in The Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses.

Any individual with zero hours is on a casual contract with varied hours.

Unfortunately, I am unable to say whether the staff member is a “connected party” as this definition covers not only members of an MP’s family, but also any business partners with whom the MP shares significant interests. The definition can be found on p17 of the Scheme.

July 6, 2020
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