Names of all current members and former members of European Research Group


Please provide the names of all the members (current members and former members) of [the] European Research Group.


This information is not held.

The European Research Group is not a membership group, but rather a subscription-based pooled service.

Pooled services are a collection of specialist research organisations that provide research support for groups of MPs. MPs are allowed to claim for the cost of subscriptions to pooled services from their IPSA office costs budget or staffing budget. Whilst we do hold a list of subscribers, this would not reflect any wider “membership”.

View claims made by MPs for ERG subscriptions.

Using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select a financial year alongside the option for ‘individual claims’. This will open a spreadsheet containing all individual claims made that financial year. You can filter on either the ‘Details’ or ‘Short Description’ columns for ‘ERG’ to identify relevant claims.

This will provide you with the names of all MPs who have made claims for subscriptions to the ERG in each financial year, alongside the total amount paid, expense category and expense type.

15 May 2020
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