Details of the procedure for IPSA staff to declare financial interests


Background: We know MPs must declare financial interests and they are published here

New request: Please kindly provide documents showing details of the procedure for IPSA staff to declare their OWN financial interests (for instance in case any IPSA staff also work for MPs or have any financial interests in MPs getting a pay rise - something which IPSA is in control of).


IPSA does not have a documented procedure for staff to declare their financial interests.

However, IPSA recognises that conflicts, or potential conflicts of interest, can arise in our work; and that private matters can impinge on our public duties.

Rules regarding conflicts of interest, where IPSA staff have a personal involvement with outside organisations, are covered by the IPSA Code of Conduct Policy and the Gifts and Hospitality Policy. On joining IPSA all new staff are required to declare any conflicts, potential conflicts, personal or private interests relating to any public duties undertaken as a member of IPSA. All staff are required to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and the Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

Additionally, all potential IPSA employees are asked to complete a political activity form, which is then assessed for each employee to see if anything listed would constitute a conflict of interest. Members of the Senior Management Team are required to complete an annual statement of assurance which includes the declaration of any personal conflicts or perceived conflicts of interest.

IPSA Board Members must complete a declaration of interests form. The Register of Interests for each Board member, together with a short biography, is published on our website.

As part of our 2020/2021 process improvement work, these and other HR policies are being reviewed, with a revised Staff Handbook due for issue by August 2020.

May 15, 2020
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