Details of expenses claims made by Karl McCartney MP


I write to you today to request information under the 2000 Freedom of Information Act, regarding the expenses of former MP, and current Conservative candidate for Lincoln, Karl McCartney.

To be more specific, I wish to receive:

  1. A complete, itemised breakdown of his yearly expenses, from your initial election in 2010, until his departure from Parliament in 2017.

  2. A breakdown of his office staff’s salaries and expenses claimed, also within the same time period of the last request.

I want to make this point that for this particular request, I do not need the names of his staff, per se, I am more interested in their role, and their salaries and expenses claimed, while you were in the public sphere.


I can confirm that we do hold information relevant to your request.

Due to its age I am sending you a link to the IPSA website where information is available about Mr McCartney’s expenses.

If you still require a further breakdown, please come back to me, otherwise I will consider your request closed.

May 15, 2020
Exemptions Applied: