Details of claims for second homes in England outside London


Please inform me of which home each MP claims as there second home in England  (excluding London Mps)

Their current first three letterpostcode start or town/city will suffice for where is their second home.


This information is not held.

Since the 06 May 2010 General Election no new MPs were able to make a claim to subsidise mortgage payments on additional properties or “second homes”. This change coincided with the established of IPSA to act as a regulator of the costs and expenses claimed by MPs for carrying out their parliamentary function as well as to provide support to MPs. Those who were currently receiving the subsidy continued to do so until the end of August 2012, after which time they had to return any capital gain which they had made.

More information about the establishment of IPSA and changes to MPs’ claims can be found in IPSA's first parliament.

Since then MPs who need to travel to Westminster may claim for accommodation while they are in London, whether this is in terms of renting a property or staying in hotel (for which there is a cap). Further information about the nature of these claims can be found in the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs & Expenses.

May 21, 2020
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