Details on recipients of claims made by Amber Rudd MP


Please send me:

Information request 1: The names of recipients of expenses claims made by Amber Rudd MP on Claim reference 0000352774 and claim reference 413141, each totalling £1,200

Information request 2: If any recipients have previously been employees or registered acquaintances of the MP in question.


Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), Office Costs Expenditure (OCE) is provided to meet the costs of renting, equipping and running an MP’s office or offices and surgeries, where these costs are not claimable from other budgets under this Scheme, or from other sources. A full copy of the Scheme can be found on our website.

You requested the name of the supplier for the following claims which have been published on our publication website.

Trans. DateMP's Name2CategoryExpense TypeShort DescriptionDetailsAmount ClaimedStatus
16/04/2014Amber RuddOffice CostsProfessional ServicesJobs FairJobs Fair1200Paid
02/03/2015Amber RuddOffice CostsProfessional ServicesJobs Fairmanagement1200Paid

In both instances, the name of the supplier on the invoice was ‘The Event Office Ltd’.

Paragraph 3.16 of the Scheme states that: ‘No costs may be claimed relating to the purchase of goods or services, where the MP or a connected party[1] is the provider of the goods or services in question’. We do not hold any information indicating that the supplier was a former employee or a connected party of the MP.

[1] The definition of a ‘connected party’ can be found at paragraph 3.15 of the Scheme.

October 6, 2015
Exemptions Applied: