Cost of IPSA's credit management programme


You made a request asking how much IPSA has spent employing validators to identify amounts owed by MPs to IPSA.


In short, no additional staff have been employed by IPSA to identify claims of the nature to which you refer in your email.

As IPSA has now been in existence for a whole Parliament, we have gained a better understanding of MPs’ claims and claiming habits, and so have been able to use this data to improve our processes. As you will be aware, all claims are subject to review, including those that have already been paid.

As part of various developments in our regulatory processes, we look at MPs’ spending in the round which can result in historical claims being subject to review and if necessary, a request for repayment. This exercise is achieved through IPSA’s existing staffing complement, the costs of which are published annually within our Annual Report and Accounts. No staff were employed specifically for this exercise. You can find copies of our Annual Reports on our website via this link. Our report for the 2014-15 financial year will be published before the end of the calendar year.

October 7, 2015
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