Mortgage interest payments to Liam Fox MP


Please supply a clear breakdown of the amount claimed each month by Liam Fox to cover his mortgage interest payments between May 2010 and March 2011. To clarify, I am aware that some information relating to this request does appear in the MPs' Expenses section of the IPSA website but it is unclear which sums relate to which months. For example, an amount of £731.90 is claimed to cover the period Oct to Dec three times. The same amount is then claimed again but only to cover the cost of March 2011. It is far from transparent how much Mr Fox's mortgage cost the taxpayer in that year.

Please therefore supply a list of the months May 10 to March 11 with a corresponding column detailing the exact mortgage interest cost for that month and only that month.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

Details of all claims for mortgage interest payments can be found on IPSA’s publication website.  For ease of reference however, the table enclosed in Annex A details all expense claims for mortgage interest payments to Liam Fox MP that IPSA has received between the dates you requested.

Mortgage interest payments increased in October 2010 due to a remortgaging of the property.

Annex A

DateExpense TypeReimbursed
Jun-10Mortgage Interest £262.50
Jul-10Mortgage Interest £262.50
Aug-10Mortgage Interest £262.50
Oct-10Mortgage Interest £731.90
Nov-10Mortgage Interest £731.90
Dec-10Mortgage Interest £731.90
Jan-11Mortgage Interest £731.90
Feb-11Mortgage Interest £731.90
Mar-11Mortgage Interest £731.90

December 18, 2012
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