The Chair of IPSA's interests, length of contract and remuneration.


Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to know a breakdown of all of Sir Ian Kennedys:

  1. Outside interests

  2. How much long each contract is for

  3. How much remuneration does he receives for each role


You requested a breakdown of all of Professor Sir Ian Kennedy’s outside interests; how long each contract is for; and how much remuneration he receives for each role.

The table below indicates interests declared by Professor Sir Ian Kennedy as of 1 January 2011.

Type of InterestDeclarations made
Financial Interests [1]None.
Directorships or Shareholdings [2]Director and Chairman of the Board, UK Research Integrity Office Limited.
Investment Property [3]None.
Public AppointmentsAdvisory Committee on Military Medicine, Ministry of Defence.
Charities and non-public organisationsChair, Inquiry into Quality in General Practice, King’s Fund / Trustee of London Pathway; healthcare for the homeless.
Any other relevant interestsNone.
Relevant interests of spouse, partner or close family memberNone.

IPSA does not hold any information on the length of contracts for outside interests declared. Nor does it hold any information regarding remuneration received for those outside interests.

[1] This includes interests held by a board member that are directly relevant to his/her position within IPSA. It is not a list of all financial interests including all investments or loans held by a board member. It indicates where financial interests are held in a blind trust held independently from the owner so that a board member is shielded from involvement in their management.

[2] Shareholdings are not listed where they are de minimis in nature.

[3] In line with the Registers of Interest in the Houses of Parliament, property owned and/or occupied by board members for their own use is not included in the list.

January 18, 2011
Exemptions Applied: