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MPs' Pay and Pensions

IPSA is responsible for setting and administering MPs’ pay and pensions, independently of both Parliament and Government.

The annual basic salary for all MPs is currently £74,962 (as of 1 April 2016).

Details of the annual basic salary paid to all MPs for previous years can be found in the table below.


​Annual salary

April 2010​


​April 2013


​April 2014


​May 2015


​April 2016


April 2017


In future years during this Parliament, annual changes in MPs’ pay will be linked to changes in average earnings in the public sector using Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures.

To find out more about IPSA's review of MPs' pay and pensions, please click here.

MPs with additional responsibilities (such as Government Ministers, or the Speaker of the House of Commons) may receive supplementary entitlements as a result of those roles. These additional entitlements are usually administered by other bodies. Further information on these can be found on Parliament's website via this link.