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Annual spend on procurement cards by IPSA staff (2016 and 2017)
Disclosure Date:7 Dec 2017
Categories: IPSA - FINANCIAL
Exemptions Applied: None


Please list the annual totals of purchases made by officers using official “purchase/credit cards” for 2016 per month. 

Further to the above could you list what type of purchase ie transport, food etc as well as venue type ie for reference, restaurant, retail outlet etc



IPSA holds the information that you request.

The Government Procurement Card (GPC) supports a streamlined procurement process that has a reduced administrative cost compared to the standard process involving the raising of a purchase order or submitting an expenses claim. It is often used to purchase low value goods and services and for expenses incurred in relation to business meetings and travel in line with the IPSA Expenses Policy. Please find attached the total amount spent in financial year 2016-17 on Government procurement cards, broken down by month. The data also includes the category of expenditure assigned to it upon purchase and the name of the merchant.