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Details relating to five MPs' constituency offices
Disclosure Date:10 Apr 2017
Categories: MPs' OFFICE COSTS
Exemptions Applied: None

FOI request relating to Members for Ludlow, North Shropshire, Shrewsbury and Atcham, Telford, The Wrekin:

  1. Valuation of office rental costs – Have any Members for their respective constituencies provided a valuation of the market rate, prepared by a RICS registered valuer? If so, what are the respective valuations?
  2. Showing on the members respective ‘Property Rental Form’ do any members share their office with another tenant?
  3. Showing on the members respective ‘Property Rental Form’ what is the frequency of payments agreed for direct rental payments?
  4. Showing on the members respective ‘Property Rental Form’ what is the agreed amount of rent to be paid directly to the respective members Landlord/Agent?

IPSA holds the information that you have requested.

Under the Scheme of MPs' Business Costs and Expenses ('the Scheme'), office costs is provided to meet the costs of running, equipping and maintaining an office (or offices). This includes the renting of one or more premises to be used as a constituency office, each of which must be registered with IPSA before a rental claim is made.

Where the constituency office is to be rented from a political party or constituency association:

  • the MP must provide a valuation of the market rate for the contract, prepared by a RICS registered surveyor, and
  • the rent must not exceed the market rate.

If an MP shares a constituency office with another MP, a member of the European Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales or the Northern Ireland Assembly, office costs may only be claimed for the appropriate proportion of the rent and other office costs.

Details of all claims made by MPs, including claims for office rent and other office costs, are published on our website.

Please find below the information requested.

MP Name Agreed regular rental amount Frequency of rental payments Shared office Valuation of annual rent
Lucy Allan £750.00 Monthly No N/A
Philip Dunne £1,065.28* Quarterly No £2,070.00
Daniel Kawczynski £4,800.00 Annually 75% MP, 25% other £4,800.00
Owen Paterson No constituency office rented under the Scheme
Mark Pritchard £525.00 Monthly No N/A

*This amount includes rates, facilities and other office services, which are not included within the valuation of the rental costs.