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IPSA's Chair
Disclosure Date:16 Jun 2016
Categories: IPSA - BOARD
Exemptions Applied: None

Under an above request, what payments etc is sir Ian Kennedy entitled to receive upon leaving office as chairman of yourselves. 

Further to the above what joining package, costs, expenses have been offered to sir Ian's replacement ?



IPSA holds the information that you request.

Sir Ian Kennedy’s term as Chair of IPSA ended on 31 May 2016. Upon leaving office, like all employees, he is entitled to a pension, details of which can be found in IPSA’s Annual Report and Accounts. Copies of IPSA’s Annual Report can be found on our website at the following address:

Ruth Evans began her term as Chair of IPSA on 1 June 2016. No financial joining package was offered to the new Chair upon beginning her term and, like all members of IPSA’s Board and senior staff, she will be entitled to certain expenses in accordance with IPSA’s policy. You can find details of that policy on our website at the following address: