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Names of Scottish MPs declining pay increase
Disclosure Date:20 Oct 2015
Exemptions Applied: None

My request is as to which Scottish Members of Westminster Parliament have declined to accept the recent Salary award for Members of Parliament.



Under the terms of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009, as amended by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010, IPSA is required to pay MPs’ salaries. As such, MPs have no mechanism by which they can refuse to receive the recent salary increase and all MPs have been paid the full salary.

Once the full salary has been paid, MPs may choose to donate an amount to charity. This is a personal matter for the MP. There are, of course, many different ways of donating to charity, and we would not necessarily know if an MP was making donations to charity once they have received their salary.

By way of reference, IPSA can make arrangements for payroll giving through the Charities Aid Foundation’s Give-As-You-Earn programme. Should an MP be interested, they need to complete the Foundation’s ‘Donor Instruction Form’ form on our website This needs to be signed then posted or emailed to IPSA’s address. Any donations made under this programme will be taken from an MP’s pay before tax but after National Insurance.