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Receipt for claim by Andy Burnham MP for pooled staffing services
Disclosure Date:2 Oct 2015
Exemptions Applied: Section 40

Could I ask under a above request for a copy of the invoice on claim number 427390 for £4800


IPSA holds the information that you request.

As you will be aware, we publish details of all claims made by MPs under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’) on our publication website,

You can view a copy of the Scheme on our website, at the following address:

Paragraph 1.1 of the Scheme states that all claims for reimbursement under the Scheme must be supported by evidence. Under Chapter Six of the Scheme, Office Costs Expenditure (OCE) is provided to meet the costs of equipping an MP’s office, where the costs are incurred in the exercise of an MP’s parliamentary functions. This includes the cost of ‘pooled staffing services’ (such as the ‘Parliamentary Research Service’). These are services provided to a group of MPs for the purpose of research or other support.

The following information relating to the claim has been published on our publication website.

MP Name

Expense Category

Expense Type



Claim status

Andy Burnham

Office Costs

Professional Services




Please click here to view the invoice provided to IPSA by Mr Burnham in support of the claim.

We have withheld a small amount of personal information relating to a third-party, including their signature and direct contact details, under section 40 of the FOIA. Section 40(2) provides that personal information about third parties is exempt information if one of the conditions set out in section 40(3) is satisfied. Under the FOI Act disclosure of this information would breach the fair processing principle (Principle 1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), where it would be unfair to those persons or is confidential. For further information, you may wish to visit the UK Legislation website.