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Number of MPs who have a home office and number of MPs with a constituency office
Disclosure Date:30 Mar 2015
Categories: MPs' OFFICE COSTS
Exemptions Applied: None

With respect to FY 2013-2014: Please can you provide:

  • Total number of MP's
  • The number of MP's that use part of their residence (main or secondary) as a constituency office.
  • The number of MP that rent a separate premises as a constituency office.  

IPSA holds the information that you request.

Under the terms of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), claims for utilities, business rates, insurance and telephone/internet costs will only be allowed where the office has been registered with IPSA.  Where the costs are incurred at an MP’s or staff member’s home, that home must be registered with IPSA as a ‘home office’.

Since IPSA was established in 2010, 103 MPs have registered a home office with IPSA.

According to our records, in the financial year 2013-14, 567 MPs rented a constituency office.

You can find information about the composition of the House of Commons on Parliament’s website, at the following address: