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Amounts paid to MPs who are standing down
Disclosure Date:26 Mar 2015
Exemptions Applied: None

My local MP Mark Hoban is not seeking re-election and I wish to establish the total sum to which he will be entitled including his pension.  Is this information available to me under the FOI Act, if so can it be passed on to me.



Historically, MPs have been entitled to ‘resettlement’ payments when they leave Parliament. Before IPSA was established, resettlement was paid to all MPs on leaving Parliament at an election whether or not they fought for their seat. When IPSA was established in 2010, it was decided that these payments were not justifiable.

As an interim measure, for this Parliament alone, we have allowed the payments to continue, but payable only to an MP who fights and loses the seat for which he or she was elected, and limited to a maximum of six months’ salary. Following the 2015 general election, these payments will cease altogether. However, under the interim measures, MPs who do not stand at the election and voluntarily leave Parliament are not eligible for any payment upon leaving office.

IPSA does not hold information on the amounts individual MPs will receive from their pensions.