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Salaries received by MPs after leaving Parliament
Disclosure Date:13 Mar 2015
Exemptions Applied: None

I would like information if there has been any surveys on the incomes of Members of Parliament leaving parliament in comparison to their parliamentary salary - more or less?

I believe there was a Hansard Survey on the matter?

I would like to know why in making assessments of MPs salaries this has not been part of the discussion to know when they do leave parliament. 

What "actual income" are the able to attain; rather than thinking I deserve this amount for being in parliament.



As part of IPSA’s statutory remit to administer MPs’ pay and pensions, we carried out a review in 2012 and 2013. All of the work associated with that review, and the final report, can be found on our website.

IPSA has not carried out any surveys relating to MPs’ incomes after leaving Parliament, and does not therefore hold the information that you request.