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Whether claims made by Jim Murphy MP for Irn Bru were part of a meal or in London/constituency
Disclosure Date:4 Mar 2015
Exemptions Applied: None

With regards to FOI response - F1415-109.

Could you tell me if these claims were made:

  1. as part of a meal.
  2. in London or his own constituency.



IPSA holds the information that you request.

As noted in response to the previous request made to IPSA under the FOIA, MPs are permitted to claim reimbursement of the costs of an evening meal (excluding alcoholic drinks), when they are required to be at the House of Commons late because the House is sitting beyond 7.30pm.  This is limited to £15 for each night.

In response to the previous request, reference F1415-109, we identified two claims made by Jim Murphy which included Irn Bru. In both instances, the costs were incurred as part of an evening meal, as Mr Murphy was required to be at the House of Commons beyond 7.30pm. This is within the rules of the Scheme.