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Mansion tax
Disclosure Date:13 Feb 2015
Categories: IPSA - POLICY
Exemptions Applied: None

My request relates to the possibility of a "mansion tax" or extra council tax bands on higher-value homes being introduced by a future government.

  1. Please confirm whether any assessment has been carried out into the consequences of such a tax for the MPs' allowances scheme. If so, please provide a copy of any reports or assessments carried out.
  2. Please also confirm whether such a tax would be included in the MPs' allowances scheme.
  3. If possible, please also confirm how many MPs are expected to incur such a tax on their second homes.



As details of such a policy have not been formally announced, no assessment has been made of its applicability with relation to the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’). As such, we do not hold any of the information that you request.