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Labour MPs employing staff on casual contracts
Disclosure Date:15 Dec 2014
Categories: MPs' STAFFING
Exemptions Applied: None

Please may I ask you how many Labour MPs employ staff on Zero Hours contracts?

Please exclude from you total those who are on Maternity Leave, those who are on long term sick, and those wh have since left employment but have yet to be deleted from your payroll records.



IPSA holds the information that you request.

You requested information on ‘zero-hours contracts’. We do not use this term. The information we hold relates to MPs who employ staff on casual contracts and who are therefore paid an hourly rate rather than an annual salary. MPs must employ staff on contracts and within pay ranges set by IPSA. It is for MPs themselves to determine the number of hours each staff member is contracted to work. All such arrangements must comply with the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses.

As you have requested, we have excluded from our figures any employees who are on maternity leave, who are on long-term sick leave and who have left employment. As such, as of 5 December 2014, 37 Labour MPs employed staff on such a basis.