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Study commissioned by Steve Baker MP
Disclosure Date:8 Aug 2014
Exemptions Applied: None

on what basis Mr Baker sought clearance from IPSA to pay for this study from his allowance, and when;

what information he provided to IPSA about the process he proposed for the selection of the company to carry out the study and what information he provided about the company and its main directors/advisors,

on what basis did IPSA give clearance to Mr Baker and when?


IPSA does not pre-authorise claims. Paragraph 2.1 of the MPs Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses states that: “Following receipt of a claim, IPSA will determine whether or not to allow it”.

As such, ‘clearance’ is not given to any claim until it has been submitted and approved by IPSA. As of the date of your request, no claim has been submitted by Mr Baker relating to the study in question.

We do not hold any information relating to the process for selection, nor would such information be normally required alongside the submission of claims.