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Details of any meditation programmes for IPSA staff
Disclosure Date:4 Jul 2014
Exemptions Applied: None
  1. Please give me any details/guidance on what programmes (if any) on "mindfulness" and/or meditation are offered to staff, including since when this has started. 1a) If 'mindfulness' and 'meditation' classes are two different things, please answer the requests with relevant breakdowns for each - if that makes it over any cost limit, just focus on meditation classes.
  2. Please tell me over the last year in a monthly breakdown how many sessions have been put on.
  3. Please tell me over the same period in a monthly breakdown how many people have attended these sessions
  4. Please tell me how much it has cost to put on each session (and/or how much each session charges staff), and how much they have costed to put on over the last year.



IPSA does not and has not offered any “mindfulness” or meditation programmes to members of staff.