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Interest rate Maria Miller was charged on her mortgage
Disclosure Date:15 Apr 2014
Categories: NOT IPSA'S REMIT
Exemptions Applied: None

Can you please inform me on the interest rate if any Maria Miller was charged on the expenses she wrongly claimed and was forced to repay



IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

In responding to your request, we have assumed you are referring to claims for accommodation expenditure made by Maria Miller MP between 2005 and 2009.

These claims were made prior to the establishment of IPSA in May 2010 and were subsequently investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, whose office and functions are separate from that of IPSA.

IPSA does not hold information relating to claims made or processed prior to 7 May 2010. Prior to 7 May 2010, the administration of business costs and expenses was the responsibility of the Department of Resources at the House of Commons. For information relating to claims made prior to 7 May 2010, you may wish to contact the House of Commons FOI team at the following email address: