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Data behind chart published in MP Pay & Pensions document
Disclosure Date:12 Jul 2013
Exemptions Applied: None

I am seeking the data behind one of the charts published in the MP Pay consultation document.

I refer to the Ratio of an MP's salary relative average earnings 1911-2012. I wish to refer to some of the ratios in particular years,  but it s not possible to read them off the small graph.

Please can you provide me the spreadsheet with the three columns each covering 1911-2012 showing for each year:
~ MP salary (£pa)
~ national average earnings (£pa)
~ Ratio of above two (as plotted in IPSA graph).


IPSA holds the information that you request.

You may be aware that we publish all our responses to FOI requests on our website.  As such, we have already released the data that you have requested, in response to a previous request, reference F1314-004.  You can view our response to this request, the data released, and all other requests, on IPSA’s website, or by following this link to the FOI section of the website.