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Salary of IPSA chairman
Disclosure Date:30 Jul 2013
Categories: IPSA - BOARD
Exemptions Applied: None

Who decides what the salary of the chair of IPSA should be? Is it the speaker John Bercow?
What is the justification for paying a salary of £700 a day?
Please provide me with a copy of any information or correspondence you have on the negotiation of the salary of the chair of IPSA.


IPSA holds some of the information that you request.
IPSA’s Annual Report and Accounts for the financial year 2012-13, which is available on our website via this link, provides information on the remuneration of the Chair of IPSA. It states:
“The Speaker determines the daily rate for the members. IPSA procured advice from recruitment consultants, who carried out a bench-marking exercise of remuneration at comparable organisations. Their report and recommendations formed the basis of the remuneration rates. The remuneration for the Chair and Board Members is nonpensionable.”
There were no negotiations on the salary of the chair of IPSA.