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Whether Stephen Hammond MP for Wimbledon has formally registered dependants
Disclosure Date:17 Jul 2013
Exemptions Applied: None

‘As a taxpayer, would you kindly tell me whether Stephen Hammond MP for Wimbledon has formally registered his “dependants” in order to claim expenses associated with their accommodation and travel.

I refer you to the following article published by the Daily Telegraph on 4th July

entitled "MPs use children to claim more expenses" where it explains...

...Almost 150s MPs have been given permission to claim expenses on behalf of their children, the parliamentary regulator has disclosed ....’


IPSA holds the information that you request.

You may be aware that we recently responded to a Freedom of Information request, reference F1314-023, which asked for information relating to Members of Parliament who had made registrations for dependants.  We publish all our responses to FOI requests on our website, routinely, and you can view our response to this request via this link.

As you will see from our response, Stephen Hammond MP made a registration for a dependant in the financial year 2010/11.