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IPSA board members
Disclosure Date:8 Jul 2013
Categories: IPSA - BOARD
Exemptions Applied: None

1- Can you tell me how much contact between these board members and ANY MP's; relatives of MP's

in any social context.


Sir Neil Butterfield

Elizabeth Padmore

Anne Whitaker

Tony Wright

Andrew McDonald

2- Do the board members have to declare any interest as they ar ein social contact with MP's.

3- Who selects these laywers and bankers ?

 You later clarified that you were seeking:

  1. Information on social contact between the following boards members and sitting MPs during the previous 6 months;
    1. Professor Sir Ian Kennedy,
    2. Sir Neil Butterfield,
    3. Elizabeth Padmore,
    4. Anne Whitaker,
    5. Professor Tony Wright, and
    6. Andrew McDonald
  2. Information on whether IPSA Board members are obliged to declare communication and business interests with MPs; and
  3. Information relating to the selection process of IPSA Board member.

IPSA holds some of the information that you request.


IPSA does not record or hold any information on the social lives of Board members or members of staff.  Board members and senior members of staff are, however, obliged to complete a register of interests, which is published on our website quarterly.  You can find copies on our website, available via this link (at the bottom of the page).

The statutory process for the appointment of Board members was established in Schedule 1 of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009.  I have attached a copy of Schedule 1 for your reference.  Information on the most recent appointment of members to IPSA’s Board is detailed in an Explanatory Memorandum prepared by the House of Commons vote office.  Please also find attached a copy of that memorandum.