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How Ministers' pensions are invested
Disclosure Date:31 May 2013
Exemptions Applied: None

‘Please can you tell me how ministers' pensions are invested? I don't wish to know the investment managers who invest ministers' funds (for example, but not exclusively, banks who have investment schemes), but the actual stocks, bonds etc that any investment managers or yourself invest in. Please could you tell me how much is invested in each company shares, bonds etc? For each investment please state the name of the company and the amount invested.

I wish to know this information for the pensions invested for the Prime minister, cabinet and shadow cabinet. If these pensions are invested differently, please could you provide the information for each?’


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

IPSA is responsible for the pay and pensions of Members of Parliament but we do not hold any information pertaining to the investment of ministerial pensions.  The information you seek may be held by HM Treasury.  To request this information, you may wish to contact the Treasury at: