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Details about MPs' salaries and pensions
Disclosure Date:18 Mar 2011
Exemptions Applied: None

Specifically you asked if salaries are paid to MPs who regularly attend the House of Commons. You also asked whether Gordon Brown attends the House of Commons on a regular basis and whether an ex-Prime Minister automatically receives a pension after leaving office.


I can advise that MPs are paid a salary for carrying out their duties as an elected Member of Parliament.

 With regards to Mr Brown’s attendance at the House of Commons, IPSA does not hold this information. You may wish to direct this part of your request to the House of Commons FOI Team who may be able to assist you. I have attached the link to the Freedom of Information section on the House of Commons website:

Finally, MPs contribute to the Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund (MP Pension Fund) and as a retained Member of Parliament Mr Brown will be eligible to receive his pension salary when he leaves Parliament. Regarding Mr Brown’s Prime Ministerial pension, you may wish to direct this part of your request to the Cabinet Office. I have attached the link to the Cabinet Office website: