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Details of IPSA's bicycle loan scheme
Disclosure Date:18 Mar 2011
Exemptions Applied: None
  1. Can you direct me to the minutes of the meeting where the Bike Loan scheme was established and the terms and conditions agreed upon?
  2. Are there any other guidance notes available regarding the Bike Loan scheme?
  3. Does IPSA have a bike loan scheme available for its own employees? If yes, what are the terms and conditions of this scheme, how many employees have participated so far, and how much money has been made available to them?”

I can advise that IPSA does not hold minutes of meetings regarding the Bicycle Loan Scheme. With regards to the terms and conditions, these can be found on the Bicycle Loan Request Form. A copy of the form is included for your convenience.

With regards to the second part of your request we do not hold any other guidance notes regarding the Bicycle Loan Scheme.

Turning to the final part of your request, IPSA operates the same Bicycle Loan Scheme for its employees, as it does for MPs. However, as yet no IPSA staff have taken up the scheme.