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Gender breakdown of staff employed by MPs
Disclosure Date:9 Mar 2011
Categories: MPs' STAFFING
Exemptions Applied: Cost limit

I have spoken again to [name redacted] about this and he has requested I make a Freedom of Information request for the information about the staff salaries as per the table below.

Job title

Number of Males in this role

Number of Females in this role

Junior Secretary



Senior Secretary






Senior Caseworker



Parliamentary Assistant



Senior Parliamentary Assistant



Office Manager



Any other job titles MP’s staff are employed under…

e.g. “Researcher”




I can advise that there are 1638 females and 1111 males on Members staff payroll.

The appropriate cost limit for responding to a Freedom of Information request is set at £450 (Part 1 of Schedule 1 of the FOIA). This represents the estimated cost of determining whether IPSA holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting the information. Please note the IPSA payroll system does not record job titles of staff employed by MPs. Given that there are over two thousand manual records that would require searching we have estimated that it will take in excess of 18 hours (which is above the costs limit) to make a search and extract the information. Consequently, IPSA is not obliged by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to respond to your request (see section 12(1)).