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Salary details of MPs/Ministers/Secretary of State and PM
Disclosure Date:17 Feb 2011
Exemptions Applied: None

Please consider this email as a FOI request. I would be grateful if you could please provide me with the following information:


1/ The basic MP’s salary

2/ A Ministers salary

3/ Secretary of State’s salary

4/ Both the Prime Minister’s salary and the exact figure that he takes home (as I understand he does not take home the full salary)


You specifically requested information on MPs’ basic salaries, Ministers’ salaries, Secretary of States’ salaries, and both the Prime Minister’s salary and the exact amount he opts to draw.

I can confirm that the basic salary for a Member of Parliament is £67,738 per annum.

IPSA is only responsible for the payment of Parliamentary salaries. Payment of Ministerial salaries falls under the responsibility of the Cabinet Office. This part of your request should be redirected to the Cabinet Office. To assist you I have attached a link to the FOI section on the Cabinet Office website:

You may also find the following link of assistance: