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Information regarding Gerry Adams MP resigning/stepping down as an MP
Disclosure Date:27 Jan 2011
Categories: WINDING UP
Exemptions Applied: None

Can you confirm:

  • if IPSA has received notification from Gerry Adams that he is is 'resigning' or stepping down or ceasing to function as a Member of Parliament
  • if IPSA has received any instructions from Gerry Adams to cease payments of his salary, his staffs' salaries and any related office costs or other claimable expenses
  • on what date IPSA received such notifications (if they were received)
  • and if IPSA will publish any related correspondence between IPSA and Gerry Adams or his office

An MP would notify the House of Commons that they no longer wish to remain in their position, they would not notify us directly of this.


As above, we have not had any notifications, and therefore are not planning to publish anything.