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Number of telephone enquiries between IPSA and an MP's office
Disclosure Date:7 Oct 2010
Exemptions Applied: None

I act as the proxy for [an MP].

I would be grateful if you could provide the following information with regard to any telephone records you may hold about enquiries made by [MP] and myself to IPSA since May?

  1. the total number of enquiries made by phone
  2. the date of each enquiry
  3. the duration of each enquiry

I can confirm that IPSA holds some information that falls within the description specified in your request.

Staff on the Information Line make notes of telephone calls, but not of every call we receive. Our records show that we have made notes of eight telephone calls, received on the following dates: 20 May; two calls on 21 June; 25 June; 1 July; 6 July; 14 July and 30 July.

We do not keep records of the duration of each call.