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Expenditure by IPSA on cleaning and details of journeys taken by staff on sleeper trains
Disclosure Date:14 Jul 2010
Exemptions Applied: None

In addition, under the Freedom of Information Act please provide confirmation of your expenditure from inception of IPSA to 31st May 2010 on the following

  1. Office cleaning
  2. Window cleaning
  3. toilet rolls
  4. paper towels
  5. cleaning materials

Please also confirm how many journeys have been made by staff or Directors on sleeper trains from inception of IPSA to 31st May 2010 and in what class of carriage they travelled on.


IPSA’s total cleaning costs from Thursday 1st April to Thursday 31st May 2010 amounted to £5,242.82. This figure can be broken down as follows:

Office cleaning:          £4,002.21

Window Cleaning:       £417.58

Toilet Tissue:               £221.79

Paper towels:              £321.78

Cleaning materials:     £279.46

These are the costs incurred serving the IPSA premises with 75 staff on 11,000 square feet of space over a two month period.

I can also confirm that no claims have been made by IPSA Directors or staff for journeys on sleeper trains to date.