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Assurance Reports

IPSA receives around 180,000 claims each financial year. As our understanding of the volume and nature of claims has grown over the years, we have refined our approach to validation.

Today we have a three-layered approach to the validation and assurance of claims which takes account of risk and the need for public assurance, and also seeks to reimburse MPs, or their suppliers, as quickly as possible.

In addition to the individual validation of MPs' claims and a quarterly review of each MP's expenditure, IPSA's assurance team, which is separate from those members of staff conducting the earlier validation, carry out a programme of assurance reviews of aggregate spending by MPs in a range of categories.

Since 2017, we have published an Annual Review of Assurance which summarises all the validation and assurance work during the year. 

Details of these assurance reviews can be found below.

You can find out more about IPSA's operations between 2010-2015 here.

Annual Reviews

Thematic Reviews