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Annual User Survey

Since 2012, IPSA has carried out an Annual User Survey of MPs, which is intended to capture a range of opinions and feedback, allowing IPSA to have a better understanding of the needs of our users.  MPs’ staff, who are also regular users of our systems, are also invited to take part.

The key findings from each year's survey can be found below.

In 2015, we received 312 responses to our annual survey: slightly down from last year’s 334 responses. This number comprised 44 MPs, 113 MP proxies (those nominated by an MP to act on their behalf to manage their business costs and expenses), and 155 non-proxy members of staff. 16 of the 44 MPs were elected for the first time at the 2015 General Election in May.

In 2014, we received more responses to our annual survey than ever before: 334. This number comprised 61 MPs and 273 members of their staff. We have broken down the results to reflect the difference in opinion between the two groups, which in some cases is quite marked.

In 2013, we decided to extend those surveyed to MPs and their nominated proxies, who are also regular users of our systems. We did this to capture a wider range of opinions and feedback and to allow us to have a better understanding of the needs of our users. As a result, the number of responses received rose from 128 to 271 – 102 from MPs and 169 from proxies.

In 2011, the National Audit Office (NAO) carried out a survey of all MPs, asking them about IPSA and its work. This survey builds on the work undertaken by the NAO. Where appropriate, questions from the NAO survey were retained, enabling us to make direct comparisons and to measure our progress. Responses were received from 128 MPs. Quantitative analysis was carried out on 14 fixed questions and qualitative analysis on 8 free text fields used to collect additional views on questions.