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15 January 2014: Consultation on changes to MPs’ pensions for same sex married couples

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has today opened a consultation on changes to the MPs’ and MEPs’ Pension Schemes to provide for benefits to the survivors of MPs and MEPs who are in a same sex married couple. This is in advance of the commencement of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 at the end of March.

IPSA proposes that the survivors in these relationships should receive benefits calculated in the same way, and in the same circumstances, as pensions paid to surviving civil partners. It plans that the changes will be made before 13 March 2014, the date on which it will be possible for same sex couples to give notice of their intention to marry.
IPSA also proposes to make changes to the Schemes to ensure that the survivor of a same sex marriage whose partner has legally changed gender will retain the expectation of survivor benefits they would have received if they had remained in an opposite sex marriage. These changes will be made later this year, before the gender recognition elements of the Act are commenced.
The proposed changes for MPs and MEPs mirror conditions for members of the other public service pension schemes.
The consultation is open until 9 February and the full consultation document is available on the IPSA website
For more information, please contact IPSA's Press Office.