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11 September 2014: MPs' costs for 2013-14

IPSA has today published the costs incurred by MPs in the 2013-14 financial year. The details can be found here:

The newly published figures show that 78 per cent of MPs’ costs are staffing costs – paying the salaries of those who work for them; 11 per cent covers cost of renting and running an office in the constituency; 7 per cent covers the cost of accommodation for those who represent seats outside of commuting distance of London; and 4 per cent goes on travel and subsistence.


Today, we have also published details on:
·          Disability Assistance
·          Security Assistance
·          MPs’ employment of connected parties
·          MPs renting from other MPs
·          MPs’ applications for contingency payments
·          Reward and recognition payments made to MPs’ staff
Since overhauling the old system of allowances in 2010, IPSA has introduced the world’s first system of independent regulation of MPs’ costs which has reduced the burden on the taxpayer by £58m over the past four years.
Commenting on the latest release of information, IPSA’s Chair, Sir Ian Kennedy said:
“Once again, our commitment to openness sees us publish a roundup of all MPs’ costs for the last financial year. Constituents can see exactly what their MP spent in carrying out their Parliamentary duties.
“The information we’re publishing shows that about 90 per cent of the costs go on staffing and running an office: unsurprising given that MPs operate the equivalent of 650 small businesses through which they work for their constituents and in Parliament.
“As part of our system of regulation, we have reduced the cost to the taxpayer by £58m. Such is the progress made since the scandals which came to light in 2009, that our work is now attracting the attention of Parliaments around the world. ”

In addition to annualised data for 2013-14, IPSA has also released details of claims processed in April and May 2014. 
Notes to editor:
1. The figures for the financial year 2013-14 include all claims processed as of 31 May 2014. It is possible that an MP has since made additional claims relating to the financial year 2013-14. Any such claims will be published in future rounds of publication.
2. The £58m cost reduction is based on a like-for-like comparison of the cost of MPs’ expenses under the old House of Commons regime against the cost under IPSA.

3. Data is stored on the publication website by the date on which a cost is incurred. But, as a necessity of frequent publication, we add data to the publication website by the month in which a claim is processed. So, for example, if a cost was incurred in March, but the claim submitted and processed in April, it would be released in this cycle of publication but stored under March on the website.

4. Repayments are made to IPSA by MPs and third parties for a variety of reasons: it does not necessarily mean the MP has made a mistake. These include: refunding items for which an MP no longer wishes to claim; refunding payment card transactions for which an MP does not wish to claim; and where an MP has received a rebate or refund from a third party, for example, on their business rates or utility bills.