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10 July 2014: MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses for February and March 2014

As part of its regular and routine publication of MPs’ costs and expenses, IPSA has today released details of claims processed in February and March 2014. The details added to IPSA’s publication website include over 32,000 claims with a value of £3.6m.

For details of claims added today, please click here:
Today IPSA has also published its report on the review of IPSA’s Publication Scheme, following the public consultation which ran from 18 March to 25 April.
Having considered the responses to the consultation, IPSA has revised its proposals and will place on its website its policies, where they exist, on recruitment, health and safety, equality and diversity and customer service. IPSA will not publish the addresses of MPs’ landlords.
Transparency is at the core of IPSA’s operations, which is why it has published details of every claim made by every MP since IPSA was created in 2010, and proactively publishes a range of information around its own policies and activities.
Notes to editors:
1. The full searchable publication website is at
2. The data is stored on the publication website by the date on which a cost is incurred. But, as a necessity of frequent publication, we add data to the publication website by the month in which a claim is processed. So, for example, if a cost was incurred in January, but the claim submitted and processed in February, it would be released in this cycle of publication but stored under January on the website.
3. Repayments are made to IPSA by MPs and third parties for a variety of reasons. These include: refunding items for which an MP no longer wishes to claim; refunding payment card transactions for which an MP does not wish to claim; and where an MP has received a rebate or refund from a third party, for example on their business rates or utility bills.
4. The Review of IPSA’ Publication Scheme Consultation is online here: