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14 November 2013: MPs' Business Costs and Expenses for June and July 2013, and details of MPs' office leases

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has today published details of MPs’ office leases.


The information is the first step of a review flagged earlier this year into how IPSA provides support for MPs to rent office accommodation, which will report back in the Spring next year.


One element of the review will be whether the additional checks in place when MPs rent constituency offices from local party associations are adequate, and consider options for the future.


IPSA’s Chair, Sir Ian Kennedy, said transparency was at the heart of IPSA’s role.


“Since we began, IPSA has published every business cost and expense claim by every MP.


“Many MPs hire offices for their staff to work in and in which to meet constituents. It is right that we support them to do so. But we also think it is in the public interest to publish where that money goes.


“Transparency is crucial to re-building trust in politics, and making sure public debate is built on a foundation of facts.


“Today we are publishing information that will help inform debate about how we best support MPs to do their job. We are reviewing the most appropriate ways to provide accommodation for MPs’ offices, and will report back in the Spring. We established the current rules after listening carefully to the public. I think it is only right that we ask the public what they think if we decide those rules need amendment.


“Our rules allow MPs to rent from a political party – but we require an extra assurance from MPs if they do so: an independent valuation that the lease represents the market rate. We are confident that this measure means taxpayers have received value for money from these leases.


“The analysis we are releasing today shows that a third of all leases are with political parties.


“As part of a broad review of accommodation support, IPSA will consider whether, even if the individual leases are appropriate, the cumulative effect means we need to reconsider this aspect of the rules”.


Value of MPs' office leases May 2010-March 2013, by landlord type


No. of leases

Total spend (£)

Average per lease over full period (£)

All leases




Where the landlord is not a political party




Where the landlord is a political party





NOTE: This data covers all leases registered with IPSA by MPs up to 31 March 2013. The total number of leases is higher than the number of MPs due to some MPs having more than one lease during that time.


As part of its regular and routine publication of MPs’ costs and expenses, IPSA has also today released details of claims processed in June and July 2013. The details added to IPSA’s publication website include over 43,000 claims with a value of £4.8 million.





For details of claims added today, please click here:



Notes to editors: 1. The full searchable publication website is at 2. The data is stored on the publication website by the date on which a cost is incurred, and added to the publication website by the month in which a claim is processed. So, for example, if a cost was incurred in June, but the claim submitted and processed in July, it would be released in this cycle of publication but stored under June on the website. 3. Repayments are made to IPSA by MPs and third parties for a variety of reasons. These include: refunding items for which an MP no longer wishes to claim; refunding payment card transactions for which an MP does not wish to claim; and where an MP has received a rebate or refund from a third party, for example on their business rates or utility bills.
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