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7 July 2011: Publication of MPs' Expenses

As part of its regular and routine publication of MPs’ expense claims, IPSA has today released details of claims made in March 2011.
The details added today to IPSA’s publication website include 17,500 claims with a value of £2.1m. We have also published details of 39 claims from 35 MPs which have not been paid or not paid in full.
For details, please go to our searchable publication website at
In total, we have now published details of more than 124,000 expense claims made since the general election, with a collective value of more than £16m.

1. The publication website is the repository of data on MPs’ expenses. The data is stored by the date in which a cost is incurred. As a necessity for frequent publication, we add data to it by the month in which it is processed. So, for example, if a cost was incurred in February, but processed in March it will be released in this cycle of publication but it will be stored under February on the website.

2. Routinely, we publish expenses every other month. IPSA has published one month’s worth of data today so our publication cycle fits with the financial year. We will now return to publishing every other month and the next routine publication of expenses will be in September and will cover claims processed in April and May.

For more details contact IPSA's Press Office.