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3 March 2011: Publication of MPs' Expenses

As part of its regular publication of MPs’ expense claims, IPSA has today released details of claims paid in September and October 2010.

The latest information added to IPSA’s dedicated publication website, details almost 26,000 claims from 622 MPs with a collective value of £3.64m.

IPSA is committed to transparency and, as such - and in contrast to the previous expenses regime - has published proactively information relating to claims made by MPs, but which IPSA did not reimburse, or did not reimburse in full. There were 248 such claims from 125 MPs with a collective value of more than £15,000.
IPSA’s publication website ( provides the public with access to details of what MPs have been claiming and reimbursed for. Details listed include MPs’ names, their constituency, a description of the claim, the amount claimed, the amount paid and, where relevant, sets out any amount not paid along with a reason. Details are fully searchable and available to all.

In total, IPSA has now published details of more than 45,000 expense claims made by 636 MPs since the general election, with a collective value of more than £6.76m.

IPSA is today also publishing details of cases where an MP made a claim, the claim was paid, but the MP subsequently repaid the funds to IPSA. Between 7 May and the end of October, 31 claims were repaid by 23 MPs.

IPSA was created by Parliament in reaction to the collapse of public confidence in how MPs claim and receive expenses. In May 2010, IPSA introduced independent validation of MPs’ expenses for the first time, ended the allowance system, and introduced an approach in which MPs are reimbursed for reasonable costs incurred in carrying out their parliamentary duties.


Notes to editors:

  • As previously announced, IPSA will not proactively publish claims submitted up to 14 September which were not paid. This recognises that during the initial stages of the new regime, MPs, their staff and, indeed, IPSA staff, took time to familiarise themselves with the new rules and system. Details published of claims not paid relate to claims made after 14 September. The 14 September cut off refers to the date a claim was received by IPSA, not the date the expense was incurred.
  • This is the second cycle of the proactive and routine publication of MPs’ expenses every other month. The publication cycle will run three months in arrears, for example: in February 2011 we are publishing claims from September and October 2010.
  • IPSA will also be publishing data on MPs’ office rental and staffing costs once a year, and will do this after the end of the financial year in which the costs were incurred.