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17 November 2010: IPSA set to publish MP expense claims

IPSA has today announced that the first proactive and routine release of details about MPs’ expense claims paid under the new, independent regime will be issued on 2 December.   

IPSA’s publication website will go live at 10am on 2 December, and will include details of 22,000 claims made by 576 MPs.

For each claim, IPSA will publish proactively the MP’s name, constituency, the budget the claim is made from (such as General Administrative Expenditure), and the type of expense (such as travel).  For travel claims, IPSA will publish the start point and destination for each journey and the class of travel.

The first round of publication will cover claims made between 7 May and 31 August. As previously announced, claims made up to the 14 September which were not paid will not be published proactively. This recognises that during the initial stages of the new regime, MPs, their staff and, indeed IPSA staff, took time to familiarise themselves with the new rules and system.

Details of all claims made from the 15 September onwards will be published proactively, including those not paid.

IPSA will be routinely publishing MPs expenses in cycles, three months in arrears, every two months, meaning the next set covering September and October 2010 will be available in early February 2011. Each publication cycle is likely to include a number of older claims where reviews, late submission of evidence, or investigations may have affected the timeliness of the reimbursement or otherwise of an expense claim.

We will also be publishing data on MPs’ office rental and staffing costs once a year, and will do this after the end of the financial year in which the costs were incurred.

IPSA will not be publishing receipts proactively –the cost of preparing tens of thousands of receipts for publication would be more than £1 million a year and would not provide value for taxpayers’ money.

IPSA has today issued its publication policy, which can be found at This sets out in detail what we will publish, how and why. It also shows an example of how the details will be presented.

IPSA was created by Parliament in reaction to the collapse of public confidence in how MPs claim and receive expenses. In May 2010, IPSA introduced independent validation of MPs expenses for the first time and ended the allowance system, and introduced an approach in which MPs are reimbursed for reasonable costs incurred in carrying out their parliamentary duties.