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13 July 2010: IPSA welcomes the Speaker’s Committee's approval of its budget for 2010/11

Earlier this month, the Office of Government Commerce reported on IPSA's progress in delivering the new system and commented that:  "The impossible has been delivered."

IPSA has introduced a new and radically different system of MPs’ expenses. The old discredited system is gone and has been replaced by new rules, a new robust and auditable system for MPs to use when making claims, a process of verification and validation of each claim made and, for the first time, independent regulation. Even with these extended responsibilities, IPSA’s direct staff costs will be lower than the costs for the old House of Common’s system.

IPSA is committed to improving the service it provides to MPs and ensuring best value for the taxpayer. As such, IPSA is conducting an operational review later this year to make sure it is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. IPSA will continually strive for efficiency savings and that will be reflected in future budgets.

As IPSA has always said, there will also be an annual review of the rules, the first of which will happen towards the end of this year. And as part of that, IPSA will consider proposals from all quarters.


Additional notes:

  • IPSA has paid 102 MPs loans with a collective value of £186,000
  • IPSA has paid 199 MPs advances with a collective value of £761,000
  • IPSA has processed 4,506 expense claims from 279 MPs with a collective value of £596,000